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Winter Snow: Residential landscape maintenance | Potomac MD

It happened while we were all asleep,

Snow had fallen – six feet deep.

The temperature was ten below,

All the roads were blocked with snow.

No school today, the tv said,

Stay at home in your cozy bed.

So I quickly dressed

And jumped on my sled. (Caryn Yacowitz)

Do you remember the days of hoping for snow days when we were supposed to stay inside but instead enjoyed playing in the snow because there was no school, just as the child talked about in this poem? Snow days meant fun and were free of worries.

But, we aren’t children anymore and snow days can mean extra residential landscape maintenance. Whether the snow is 6 feet or barely covering the ground, we still need to be sure we have prepared for it. If we prepare for it, then we can enjoy the snow days and have those days of no worries.

How can you prepare for it?

First, by making sure your gardens have adequate mulch and have the right type of mulch for your plants. Mulch will protect the plant roots and help the ground stay at a more constant temperature.

Second, you can be sure your landscaping includes lighting that will shine through whatever depth of snow you might get. You want to be able to clear paths to and from the house and have them safe for others. That includes being sure the paths are free of weeds and any cracked stones or cement is repaired.

Third, you can contact us and let us help you be sure your landscape is ready for whatever type of winter might come so you too can enjoy the snow days or just the extra cool days, just as the child did in the poem.