Working with Water Features

When working with a Landscape Company or Landscape Architect to develop a master plan for your commercial space you may want to discuss the option of a water feature. Water features make the landscape more inviting and their sound and beauty create a calming and serene effect.

A water feature must be incorporated into your properties landscape design in a well thought out way. The location of the water feature and how it fits into the landscape is important. You want to have the water feature blend into the landscape naturally while ensuring that it is safe for anyone that will be using the landscaped area.

Incorporating a water feature into your design will not only be aesthetically pleasing but it can also add value to your property. One step that is commonly overlooked when planning for a water feature is taking into account year-round maintenance costs and making sure to include your water feature in your maintenance plans.

Jeff Rienks, a Design Sales Executive at Chapel Valley Landscape, explained to us that there will be some additional water usage when incorporating the water feature in the landscape. He said that most water features require make up water due to evaporation. The amount of water that evaporates will depend on the surface area of the water, the temperature, and the amount of sun that hits the water. As long as your water feature is properly installed and does not have any leaks the amount of make up water needed should be relatively low.

Water features are great additions to the landscape. They add value to the property, create a calming environment, and are aesthetically pleasing. They are also a great way to incorporate the homeowner’s personality into the landscape by utilizing a feature that is unique and exciting.

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