Commercial Landscape Construction & Installation

Our commercial landscape construction services include pre-construction consultations and estimate services. We work with you to determine the best design based on budget, plant availability and irrigation design, and a long-term maintenance analysis. Our team also conducts a site evaluation and provides a risk-management consultation.

Once the scope is determined, we are with you every step of the way for installation. Your one point of contact account manager is there to answer any questions and to explain the process. We handle all aspects of installation including landscape, hardscape, plant and materials, lighting, and irrigation.

Our designers provide beautiful enhancements to showcase the best of your property. Using colorful palettes, walking trails, sitting areas, and dramatic entryways, we create the curb appeal needed to give your business the necessary attractiveness customers will notice.

Post Park roundabout - Hyattsville, MD

People Are Talking

"Clearly, you and your associates put forth a stellar effort, with a stellar result, in landscaping our property in St. Michaels. Your ability to orchestrate an expansive and complex project...stone walls, church ruins, bridges, irrigation, lighting, coupled with the application of an expansive palette of flowers, shrubs and trees…while never failing to lose sight of the smallest details, is a non-trivial testament to both Chapel Valley’s artistic and management flair."

Thomas B., St. Michaels, MD