Commercial Landscape Construction & Installation

When hiring Chapel Valley to be your landscape designer, you can expect an experienced professional with years of training in both design and installation. Our team will provide a creative vision for your specific property. Landscaping is not “set-it and forget-it”. The styles may become outdated, or if not properly maintained, they do not serve their purpose anymore and provide declining aesthetics which become unattractive and unused. Our landscape designers know how to define and prioritize these areas and can provide a vision on how to turn them into a new functional and safe space.

One of the biggest values of hiring a design-build company is you are investing in one company who will handle both designing and building your landscape to ensure that what is designed, can be executed within the budget estimate. By using a single company, the communication will be streamlined as well which is imperative during the installation stage. Our installation teams are trained to follow the exact plans laid out by you and the design team. This not only helps keep the project on schedule but also on budget.

There are many factors to consider when considering if you want a new landscape designed and installed. A well-designed maintained landscape increases the property value and improves a curb appeal. Newly designed outdoor areas can provide a possibility to work outdoors as well, which motivates and energizes employees. A successful design also creates spaces for relaxation and socialization. Adding new plant species and varieties allows your landscape to adapt to a changing environment and look great all year round.

Currently, landscape designs use more and more adaptable plants to promote biodiversity and an eco-friendly, native environment. The proper design of trees and shade structures can also provide the cooling effect that can provide shade to both people and buildings. The design and installation of a new irrigation technology like the smart controller or drip irrigation are great alternatives to the traditional irrigation systems that allow for efficient water conservation.

All these benefits are possible by hiring Chapel Valley Landscaping. Our experienced landscape designers will collaborate with the installation departments for an easy process.

People Are Talking

"Clearly, you and your associates put forth a stellar effort, with a stellar result, in landscaping our property in St. Michaels. Your ability to orchestrate an expansive and complex project...stone walls, church ruins, bridges, irrigation, lighting, coupled with the application of an expansive palette of flowers, shrubs and trees…while never failing to lose sight of the smallest details, is a non-trivial testament to both Chapel Valley’s artistic and management flair."

Thomas B., St. Michaels, MD