Commercial Irrigation & Water Management

Our custom plans incorporate the needs of your property with the natural terrain. Our certified teams determine on-site resources and develop a comprehensive operating system with the lowest environmental impact and the most cost savings.

Our account managers consider all aspects of every project when designing your custom plans. Local climates and weather patterns are carefully considered, and maintenance programs are adapted as needed. Turf management is included in these plans and is carefully monitored as part of the service and maintenance plans.

We are experts in servicing the following properties: corporate and commercial, education, healthcare, hotels and resorts, residential communities, retail, and parks. Our expansive experience in stormwater management includes rain gardens, permeable paving, vertical drainage, culverts, and bio-swales.

Fountain and sidewalk at night

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"Let me say that I have always enjoyed a great relationship with you and others at Chapel Valley who has unfailingly been helpful, responsive, courteous, and professional. The high quality of Chapel Valley’s work has been consistent throughout the many years I have been your customer."

Melissa F., Ellicott City, MD