The Importance of Commercial Irrigation & Water Management for Your Property

As developers strive to create attractive environments in apartment communities and commercial buildings, the presence of well-maintained green spaces has become a necessity. However, maintaining lush lawns, vibrant gardens, and thriving landscapes in these settings requires careful attention and expertise. This is where commercial irrigation services play a crucial role. Let’s explore the top benefits of installing a commercial irrigation system for your properties:

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Bio-Swales and Their Place in Water Management

Have you found stagnant puddles breeding bugs on the grounds of your business? Does your parking lot empty its stormwater runoff directly into a storm sewer that backs up and dumps oily water right back on your customers? Or maybe you bought a property for your new commercial establishment and want to start your water management system outright? You will find that you have many ways of dealing with stormwater runoff, but not all of them are right for your property. Bio-swales, however, just might be a good choice. Read more »

Handling Landscape Irrigation for your Property

Chapel Valley Landscape Company has performed an extensive array of landscaping services throughout regions of Maryland, Virginia, and Georgia. Very few companies throughout the nation have been honored to complete the magnitude of commercial and residential services with which Chapel Valley has performed.

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Spring Showers Yield Summer Flowers

*Water Management is a practice that involves a lot of criteria. Collection methods can have tainted water, but systems are used to collect pure rainwater that can be used to benefit your landscape.

April is a bountiful month that brings out the rubber boots, rain showers, and seasonal blooms.  It’s also a great time to have a conversation about rainwater collection. Read more »

Commercial Irrigation in Alexandria, VA

Water management is more than just the installation of an irrigation system; it is a holistic assessment of your site to determine watering needs and drainage requirements, slope, exposure, plant needs, and soil type. Our certified commercial landscape irrigation designers and auditors can design, install and service an irrigation system that is custom to your site. This system helps reduce plant stress and loss, lower utility costs, boost chemical performance, and improve turf renovation. Read more »