Landscaping | As Good As They Come in Ellicott City, MD

I would like to thank you for the excellent service I have received from Chapel Valley Landscape Company here in Ellicott City and particularly from Hans Bleinberger. Hans designed and supervised the installation of my backyard landscaping, including a very attractive patio. When drainage problems developed following uneven settling of the ground, I thought of what a headache I was going to go through. I waited for months before calling Hans.

Hans’ response caught me by surprise. He came out immediately to inspect. He helped mop up water from my cellar floor and dried out a rug for me. He and his associates together chipped through ice and frozen ground to place a temporary drain. He agreed to correct the grade of the patio if necessary.

I chose Chapel Valley initially because I thought you ran a good landscape design company, and I am glad that I chose well. I can’t tell you how much that the professionalism , diligence and integrity that Hans has displayed have meant to me. Those qualities are rare enough these days, and they will bring rewards to Hans and to Chapel Valley for years to come.

This is not the kind of letter that will be displayed in a reception room, but it is important just as well. Every business encounters problems or unintended outcomes, and it is how we respond to these situations that is the truest judge of character. Hans has shown himself to be as good as they come.

– Client in Ellicott City, MD