Happy Landscaping Clients in Washington, D.C.

“My husband and I had a garden plan that we showed to Tom Nugent early last spring (or maybe it was even a year ago) and we arranged with him to have Chapel Valley install the garden in early fall of this year. A team of 3 men, Jose, Francisco, and Mario, arrived on October 4th and started the preparation. They didn’t mind that Bob was more than a sidewalk supervisor and was there with them in the garden when they drew the lines to mark the curves of the areas where each group of plants was to be placed. They took great care in transplanting anything that was scheduled to be transplanted. When they removed a group of vinca plants from one area that was being prepared to receive the new plants they saved the vinca and moved it to another area. They worked around the sculpture located in the middle of the new garden area and helped reset it so that it was securely in place.

We were surprised at how easy every step of the process went and want to give credit for this to the men who were there and did the work. There was very little disruption to the adjacent areas and the work, which we thought was going to take 3 days to complete, was finished in 2 days. They cleaned up the walks which had just been power washed the day before the work started so they looked as good as before they started and they stayed and made sure that everything had a good initial watering. What a great experience it has been working with Chapel Valley.”

– Another Happy Landscaping Client from Washington, D.C.