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Landscape Architects – Nature’s Visual Artists

Enter any showcase home and you will be delighted with fine art displays, paintings on the walls, and sculptures upon pedestals. As you stroll through each room of impeccable interior design, you will also feast your eyes upon select pieces of furniture that are also considered works of functional art: a Louis the XIV bureau or Carlo Bugatti writing desk. The work of artists can even be seen in the glassware and dinnerware that frequent the cupboards and dinner tables of luxury homes. Should this grand display of artisan craftsmanship cease the moment you step outside into the garden? Not at all. That is because most tasteful homes understand that a landscape architect is also a visual artist.

The Craft

When a garden becomes the canvas, it is a tribute to the talent, skill, and knowledge of the landscape architect who brought a green vision to life. It is simply not enough to know the identities of plant species and what their care needs are. A professional will have a keen eye for the flow of natural movement, geometry, plays of color upon texture, and how unnatural function can blend seamlessly with nature. The talent of an artist must also partner with the skill of a craftsman to understand the mechanics of lighting, electricity, water, and plumbing. Knowledge of engineering comes into play, sketching out plans, and selecting appropriate materials. The final product of a landscape architect’s palette of abilities is usually not just a garden. Stroll through any landscape entrusted to the skills of these professionals and you become immersed in a themed outdoor environment. Every flower tells a story. Each tree serves a purpose. Every stone takes you to a specific destination in the real world as well as in your imagination.

The Maze

In the mid-16th century, the phenomenon of European garden mazes was launched. During the Renaissance era, women of the aristocracy were prescribed by their physicians to engage in the gentle exercise of perambulation. For fine ladies who resided on modest estates that lacked acres of garden pathways, intricate mazes made the most of smaller spaces, permitting them long, healthy walks that were not boring. Massive mazes on large estates were gathering places for fun-lovers as well as those simply out for a dignified stroll. Mazes that date back for hundreds of years can be enjoyed by everyone today when visiting European homes of the old nobility that are open to the public. In modern homes that feature traditional design, decor, and architecture, a box-hedge maze feature is quite natural.

Cottage Garden:

Lush plantings, natural ramblings of greenery and winding pathways all work together to create the relaxed ambiance of the cottage garden. If a home is fortunate enough to have large grounds, this type of garden offers the opportunity to introduce an amazing diversity of color and texture through mass mixed plantings. A stroll through a cottage garden is a delight of surprise as you round a corner to find bursts of bright colors and a mixture of delicate floral perfumes. Even more interesting will be the discovery of woodland creatures making themselves at home. Listen to the chirp of tree frogs or be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of a cottontail scamper across the path ahead.

Water Features:

There is no arguing about the fact that water belongs in every garden. No matter what a garden theme maybe, a skilled landscape architect will integrate a water feature that perfectly complements the design. Perhaps a classic water fountain as a focal piece or a waterfall as a woodland component. Winding streams with curved bridges to pass over and gaze at the water below are a favorite that hearkens back to ancient Japan.

Alcoves & Hide-Away’s:

Pergolas, gazebos, and arbors are all favorite places in any garden. When the sun is shining bright and hot it is nice to slip into the coolness of the shade of an open shelter that permits a cool breeze and full view. Protected alcoves are snug and cozy outdoor hideaways for communing with nature during inclement weather. There is no need to expect such shelters to seem out of place, unnatural eyesores in an outdoor environment attempting to mimic the wilds of forest and meadow. A landscape architect understands how to blend the silhouette of a man-made structure with the line and hue of the surrounding landscape.

Grand Entries: The visual impact of entry into the garden, or to direct focus on a specific feature, takes the skill and talent of an experienced professional. Such wow-factors don’t happen by chance. Doorways, gates, and turns in the path should all beckon the spectator, urging them onward to further exploration in the garden. Framing entries and pathways in such a way titillate the observer, leaving them with a feeling of expectation, wondering what the next curve in the path will reveal, what unknown delight is hidden beyond. And there should be vistas that are absolutely breathtaking.


When selecting a landscape architect to manage a design and transformation project, consider that such a project is perpetual. Gardens and landscape environments are works of art, unlike paintings and statuettes. Whereas the visual art that hangs upon walls or adorns pillars and pedestals will only require a bit of dusting from time to time, the visual art of nature requires routine maintenance and specialized care. Who better to maintain every component and element of your outdoor gallery than the company that designed and created it? When you partner with a professional landscape company to beautify the outdoor environment of your home, you are entering into a long-term relationship. Choose wisely. Choose a company with a reputation not only for expertise but also for strong, on-going support of their clients’ needs.

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