residential landscaping for the non gardener alexandria va

Residential Landscaping for the Non-Gardener | Alexandria, VA

Would you love to be greeted by pretty flowers and a lovely yard when you come home but you just don’t know how to keep your yard looking beautiful?  Residential landscape maintenance can be a little intimidating – especially for people who weren’t born with a trowel in their hands. That’s where we can help, because we have the knowledge and experience that comes from many years of planting and caring for flowers.

Let us design and plant a garden for you that will bring a smile to your face every time you come home or look out the window. Choose your favorite colors and we’ll design a flower bed to match. Not sure if the colors you like will look good together? Find a pillow, piece of clothing or fabric you love and we’ll find flowers to match.

We’ll also make sure that there are a variety of textures and shapes in your flower bed. After all, it’s the mix of colors, shapes, heights and textures that take a flower bed from ho-hum to intriguing and inviting.

Another concern we will address is the care required to keep your flower garden looking gorgeous. If you would like to learn how to garden, we can choose plants that will give you a better chance of success. We can also provide regular, professional maintenance and care if you would prefer to spend your time admiring flowers rather than fertilizing them.

Whatever size, shape or type of flower garden you desire, we can help. Visit our photo gallery for examples of some beautiful garden designs and be sure to contact us with any questions you may have.