Residential Landscaping Using Native Plants: Maryland Mountain Region | Baltimore MD

2a0ee9a6-b64d-4a39-c764-3b1b1c8109e7-thumbResidential landscaping is the most successful and the most natural when you use native plants. When you use native plants as part of the landscaping, you will need less fertilizer and pesticides since these plants are used to the climate and soil. This means lower costs for you and lower maintenance.

As you read this, if you are thinking we are talking about getting rid of your lawn and having a field of wildflowers, you can relax. We are not talking about that. What we are talking about is when you choose a tree for your yard, choosing a tree that is a native tree for that area. The same for flowers and shrubs.

If you live in the Maryland Mountain Region, there are:

  • 20 species of small/medium trees that create a great understory in your landscaping
  • about 50 species of tall trees that will create a great canopy in your landscaping

After deciding to use some of those native trees, then there are many species of grasses and groundcovers to use:

  • 11 species of native grass
  • 15 species of native groundcover

Then, let’s add some color to your landscaping by choosing from around 100 flowering plants.

As you can see, using native plants does not mean your choices are limited to just a few species. There is a wide variety of plants used to thriving in the mountain region of Maryland. If you contact us we can come to your property and help you decide which native plants will enhance your landscaping.