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Simple Enhancements That Will Help Attract Tenants

1. Decorative Plant Containers
A great way to liven up the exterior of your property is with decorative planters. Placed at the building’s entrance, walkways, or courtyard, decorative planters require little maintenance and are versatile, making them a simple yet elegant enhancement.

Market Commons

PostCarlyle  centerpark


2. Fuller, larger, & more colorful Flower Beds

Want your site to make more of an impact? Try making your flower beds fuller, larger, & more colorful. Use them to highlight key areas of your property— around the signage, along the entry driveway, adjacent to the building entrance—the perfect spaces for attracting tenants.

post fallsgrove tulips   post fallsgrove 5   flowers

3. Focal Points
As a way to heighten and expand visitor experience, try adding some focal points to your property. Keep it simple with interesting lighting or go above and beyond with waterfalls, fountains, and more.

08 Post Block waterfountain             Stony Point 2            post lights