01-Center Park

2014 Award Winners

Each year the Landscape Contractors Association (LCA) and Professional Landcare Network (PLANET) give professionals in the landscape industry the opportunity to enter their projects for the chance to win an award. Over the years Chapel Valley has received multiple awards through both organizations for their outstanding landscapes- this year we received 2 awards through PLANET and 4 through LCA for the following properties:

1. Center Park, Arlington, VA

01-Center Park

Center Park received 2 awards: PLANET Merit award for Commercial Landscape Contracting and LCA Distinction award for Commercial Landscape Maintenance.

In 2008, Chapel Valley began to work on Center Park as the landscaping contractor. Like any commercial project, this one was big and involved a strong team to complete. After a successful installation, Chapel Valley has continued to maintain the commercial property.

Center Park has had a great impact on the people who use it. Before the project started the land served as no purpose-now there is an open, landscaped, urban space with room for people to walk their dogs, relax, skateboard, etc.

2. Post Carlyle, Alexandria, VA

03-Post Block

Post Carlyle received 2 awards: PLANET Merit award & LCA Distinction award for Commercial Landscape Maintenance.

Post Carlyle is a beautiful commercial property located in the city of Alexandria. The property offers its residents beautiful courtyards for relaxation and rooftop terraces for enjoying sunset views of Old Town. Lovely Gardens, outdoor seating, grill stations, and a pool are all things you can find when you walk through the courtyard. To keep the courtyard in top shape, Chapel Valley has done an extensive job in terms of landscape maintenance.

3.Private Residence, Woodbine, MD


4. Private Residence, Woodbine, MD received an LCA Decade award for Residential Maintenance

It is clear the owner has a great appreciation for flowers and plants when you first arrive to this property. Throughout the property, you will come across many elements that come together to make the space inviting, relaxing, and enjoyable. The comprehensive year-round maintenance plan includes weekly mowing, edging, and weeding; integrated pest management; a five-step turf program winter pruning and cutbacks; seasonal color rotations; design, installation, and color rotations of over 15 pots; and a professional gardener on-site once a week.

As you can see, Chapel Valley has done an amazing job of maintaining this property for over 10 years. To have a garden like this, you must have the experience of a trained horticulturist.

Private Residence, Potomac, MD


Private Residence, Potomac, MD received an LCA Decade award for Residential Maintenance

This is one of those special properties where the landscaping is maintained precisely to create a stunning first impression. The 6.5-acre estate is used for entertaining, relaxation, and family gatherings. Chapel Valley has managed to keep this property looking flawless for after 10 years of maintenance.

The comprehensive maintenance plan utilizes a team of certified specialists in horticulture, irrigation, and gardening. The scope of work includes spring and fall cleanup; seasonal color rotations; integrated pest management; weekly mowing, edging, and weeding; hand pruning; monthly evaluations; irrigation maintenance; power washing; and snow removal.