are you ready for commercial landscaping routines to change baltimore md

Are You Ready for Commercial Landscaping Routines to Change? | Baltimore, MD

We’re about half way through summer and that means it’s almost time to change-up our commercial landscaping routines. During the height of summer it is important to take care of issues related to irrigation, organic pest control, mowing, weed control and disease prevention. But as summer wanes, businesses in Maryland and Virginia will need to start looking at other things.

Commercial Landscaping in the Late Summer

Late summer is the ideal time to core aerate commercial properties as well as test the soil for nutrients. Those activities will help loosen up compacted soil and identify any potential problems that will need to be addressed before the growing season comes to a close. Keep in mind that depending on how busy the labs are, these final tasks could take a few weeks to complete.

Fertilization efforts, planting cool season ground cover, applying herbicides and engaging in over-seeding activities generally follow as our commercial landscaping experts start to prepare areas for fall’s arrival. Such tasks will often take up a significant time as well, especially when it comes to large areas. So, we guess that you could say things get a little hectic as the last blooms of summer start to fade.

Commercial Landscaping in the Fall

And no, it’s not too premature to at least start thinking about the winter. Ice and snow management contracts should ideally be locked down before the end of September.  As such, it may be a conversation best taken up the next time our commercial landscaping team arrives to perform seasonal flower rotations. Seasonal rotations, by the way, tend to take place at the end of summer so they’ll be in place by early fall.

As the growing season comes to an end, our commercial landscaping team will be doing more than just rotating flowers. The fall is generally an ideal time to prune, apply winter fertilizers and pre-emergent weed killers. Irrigation systems will typically need to be winterized and anti-desiccants may be needed for properties with evergreens. To learn more about end of summer and fall tasks that will help keep commercial properties in shape, please contact Chapel Valley Landscaping Company today.