Have You Considered a Green Roof? | Chevy Chase MD

A popular trend in home landscape design is the green roof. If you don’t have ample yard space to create the landscape you have always wanted, think about creating it on your roof. It provides ample benefits not only to you, but also to the environment. With our experienced landscape designers and architects, we will help you weigh out the factors in creating an amazing rooftop oasis.

What a green roof can do for you

  • It can help cool and heat your home more efficiently by providing shade and insulation. Moisture evaporation from the greenery can also cool surrounding air.
  • It can extend your current roof life. A green roof protects from debris, UV and temperature extremes.
  • A green roof filters storm water, leaving city storm drains much cleaner.
  • A green roof is capable of absorbing up to 90% of rain water, helping to reduce flooding.
  • Green roofs are noise reducers.

Factors to consider in design

  • What is the surrounding climate and your rooftop microclimate?
  • What is the structure capable of supporting? Can you go with an intensive green roof or do you need an extensive? Intensive roofs can support a complex landscape including trees and even small water features. Extensive ones typically have soil less than 6 inches deep and are suited more for grasses, herbs and succulents.
  • What is the size, slope and direction of your roof? The maximum pitch for a conventional green roof is 7:12, but with various methods steeper roofs can be greened.
  • What type of drainage do you currently have in place?
  • What type of roof do you now have? What kind of waterproofing?
  • What aesthetic look are you going for?

We at Chapel Valley Landscape Company will work with you through each step of the process, helping you decide exactly what you want in your green roof. Our creative and highly trained staff will make sure you have the garden oasis of your dreams.