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Designing A Custom Residential Landscape Lighting System

Every homeowner dreams of having their own custom lighting system to display the landscape they’ve put a lot of time and money into. However, deciding exactly what you want can be challenging. By learning more about how we design a custom residential landscape lighting system, you’ll learn how you can help our teams design the right outdoor landscape for you should be achievable in no time at all.

Consider Indirect Ambient Lighting

Although some may take pride in lighting up their entire property for the entire world to see, an indirect approach focused on the dim lighting of certain areas on your property can often be much for effective and luxurious. You can take your outdoor lighting beyond simple utilitarianism. Lighting inset into your outside walls can splash color across your home and create ambiance in your nighttime relaxation spot.  You can draw attention to architectural elements on your home with overhead lighting that points down toward them. Or you can give the appearance of moonlighting with hidden lights in your trees or other landscaping features to highlight your landscape flourishes.

Consider Motion Sensor Lights

Motion sensor lights have a number of advantages. This includes security, convenience, and energy efficiency. Lights that are motion activated have an automatic shut off time, preventing waste of electricity. Also, motion-activated lights are perfect for an evening stroll around your property to light the path. As a security measure, motion sensor lights are bound to scare any potential thief and also alert you to their presence. Lights that are meant for security purposes are best placed around the perimeter of your home close to entrances.

Consider Solar Lighting

Solar lights are the easiest type of lighting to install because they don’t require connecting a cord to them underground. If you live in an area where sunlight is relatively constant throughout the year, solar lights can provide a reliable source of lighting year-round.