Designing A Custom Residential Landscape Lighting System

Every homeowner dreams of having their own custom lighting system to display the landscape they’ve put a lot of time and money into. However, deciding exactly what you want can be challenging. By learning more about how we design a custom residential landscape lighting system, you’ll learn how you can help our teams design the right outdoor landscape for you should be achievable in no time at all. Read more »

The Benefits of Landscape Lighting | Baltimore MD

45c97544-be6e-417a-df8d-b38795881038Utilizing proper landscape lighting on your property can provide you and your family with many benefits. These benefits go above and beyond simply adding useable light to your home’s exterior. Landscape lighting can add to the functionality, safety, and beauty of your home. Furthermore, professional landscape lighting can help your house to stand out from the other homes in your neighborhood. Here are just a few of the many reasons why you should consider landscape lighting for your property. Read more »

BBQ Success Might Depend on Landscape Lighting | Fairfax VA

BBQ success is usually thought of as the type of sauce used. After all, there is a song written about BBQ.

In the mountains of Tennessee, they like a smoky sauce.

But over there in ole Memphis, a dry rubbed rib is boss.

The folks down in Georgia can’t make up their mind,

You can give it to ’em sweet or spicy, and they’ll say “that tastes alright.”

But, we think BBQ success is in the landscape lighting. Once you have that great sauce that everyone wants to taste, how is it served? Is it served outside with porch lights that give off a little circle of light that attracts bugs? Or can you only serve your BBQ sauce in the daylight because you don’t have night lighting? Read more »

Showing Off Your Yard With Landscape Lighting | Columbia MD

Almost every homeowner wants to show off their backyard, even if it happens to be at night. One of the best ways to do this is with a low-intensity lighting system with a high-intensity adjustable option. By learning more about how to implement landscape lighting, showing off your backyard during any time of the day should be achievable in no time at all. Read more »