Create Functional and Attractive Walkways with Professional Hardscape Design | Sterling, VA

Hardscape on most properties is rather extensive, and this is all outdoor and non-living fixtures fall into this category. It is important to maintain your hardscape, but if it is lacking in the first place, you should look towards bringing in an addition to enhance the overall look and function of your outdoor space. Read more »

Is Your Property’s Hardscape Design Able to Withstand Winter’s Brute Force? | Arlington VA

78c977e0-aaf1-4b09-e384-14ea8e375091-thumbIt’s no secret that Virginia and Maryland winters are often exceptionally harsh. What newcomers might not realize is how wicked weather affects hardscape design, construction, and maintenance. For example, hardscape construction plans must take into account natural frost heaving, snow loading, foot traffic, snowmelt potential, and sidewalk cleaning methods. Otherwise, the pavers could end up grossly discolored, severely cracked, uneven, flooded, and in serious need of replacement. In addition, rock retaining walls added to a hardscape design could fall over unexpectedly, collapse, develop unsightly bulges or otherwise crumble apart before a property owner’s very eyes. Read more »

Great Hardscape Design Ideas for Backyards with Minimal Space | Mclean VA

When it comes to the overall appearance of a home, landscape and hardscape must work together. While a homeowner can have a beautiful garden, a garden can only look as good as its surroundings. It is essential not to forget about the importance of hardscape design on your property. Although it can be a little overwhelming with the number of options you have for hardscape, having patience is the key. Read more »

Examining Your Site Conditions

Examining your site conditions should be done before any planting or hardscaping projects are started. When checking your site conditions you should make sure to look at your soil properties as well as your drainage patterns.

You should start with a soil test at your commercial property. This test will help indicate appropriate plants for your specific site as well as what amendments need to be made in order to promote healthy plant growth. Read more »


A pergola is a structure in the landscape that consists of posts supporting rafters across the top. Pergolas are often found with vines or plant material growing up and over the structure. They are a great addition to the landscape and can either stand-alone or be attached to a home, providing a connection between spaces and create a sitting area or outdoor room. Read more »