August Plant Health Care | Baltimore, MD

august-plant-health-care-baltimore-mdAugust bring hotter weather which means it can be more difficult to keep the plants in your landscape looking healthy. That is why plant health care is a primary concern for many people, especially in August. So, what can you do to keep your plants healthy and keep your landscaping looking great?

1. Water your plants. They might need extra water during the hotter days. If you are in an area with water restrictions due to drought, first water the newly planted trees and shrubs, then the perennials that you planted this year. Then water the lawn, although with water restrictions, you probably cannot water your lawn. If you planted annual plants, those should be watered last.

2. Weed your flower beds. Continue to weed the flower beds since you don’t want the weeds using the water and nutrients the plants need. It might be hot, but don’t give up on weeding.

3. Monitor insects. Keep monitoring for insects. It might be hot, but those insects rarely give up, even in the heat. So, take some time while you are watering to check for those pesky insects that can damage your plants.

4. Wait to prune. Pruning is not advisable during the hot August days. Your plants are already working harder to live, you don’t want to give them something else to deal with.

Wondering about specific plants in your landscape and how to best take care of them during the hotter August days? We’d love to help, just contact us and let’s work together to keep your landscape looking great.