BBQ Success Might Depend on Landscape Lighting | Fairfax VA

BBQ success is usually thought of as the type of sauce used. After all, there is a song written about BBQ.

In the mountains of Tennessee, they like a smoky sauce.

But over there in ole Memphis, a dry rubbed rib is boss.

The folks down in Georgia can’t make up their mind,

You can give it to ’em sweet or spicy, and they’ll say “that tastes alright.”

But, we think BBQ success is in the landscape lighting. Once you have that great sauce that everyone wants to taste, how is it served? Is it served outside with porch lights that give off a little circle of light that attracts bugs? Or can you only serve your BBQ sauce in the daylight because you don’t have night lighting?

Whatever the case is, landscape lighting is the key to your great BBQ. Go ahead, create your great sauce, and contact us to make your event a success. We will come to your residence and help you decide where you want guests to enjoy your BBQ. Then we will install

We can help you light pathways so friends can walk and enjoy your BBQ sauce, or we can help light up niches with tables so friends can sit. We will help you create a moonlight effect from your trees to add to your gathering of friends. If you have a pool, we can create lighting so people can enjoy a swim after eating.

This summer, create your great BBQ sauce, but don’t forget the landscape lighting that will make it a great BBQ time with friends. After all, BBQ’ing is not just for the south. BBQ is a summer American tradition for all to enjoy.