Winter Snow: Residential landscape maintenance | Potomac MD

It happened while we were all asleep,

Snow had fallen – six feet deep.

The temperature was ten below,

All the roads were blocked with snow.

No school today, the tv said,

Stay at home in your cozy bed.

So I quickly dressed

And jumped on my sled. (Caryn Yacowitz)

Do you remember the days of hoping for snow days when we were supposed to stay inside but instead enjoyed playing in the snow because there was no school, just as the child talked about in this poem? Snow days meant fun and were free of worries. Read more »

Strategies to Prevent Winter Burn | Alexandria VA

Winter Burn PictureAfter the coldest winter in recent memory, plummeting temperatures along with high winds left many plants with cases of winter burn. There are three causes of winter burn: low soil moisture, freezing temperatures, and harsh wind. When these three factors are in place, plants lose water from their leaves faster then they can replace it (transpiration). With that being said, one can probably guess that massive plant damage took place over this past winter.

Knowing there was a high probability of winter burn this season, we strongly advise everyone to check their plants this spring for any damage. You begin by looking for any brown, yellow, or discoloration on the foliage. For a deeper look, scrape back the bark of the plant and see what color it is; if it is brown, then this is an indicator of damage. To take care of this, you will want to provide maintenance to your plants by pruning the deadwood out, in order to promote new. Don’t automatically assume the plant is dead if you see signs of winter burn. It is important to wait until the growing season to determine the plant’s life because this is when new buds emerge. If no new buds grow, then there is a good chance that the plant is dead. My best advice to anyone who is concerned about winter burn is to be patient and wait! Unfortunately, you will have to tolerate the look of a desiccated plant for a few months, but waiting will allow you to fully understand the condition of your plant. Read more »

Walkway Beautification in Northern Virginia Means Flower Power

Walkway Beautification in Northern Virginia Means Flower PowerThis community walkway in Northern Virginia was in need of an overhaul, so we decided to give it a splash of color with a variety of flower plantings. In the foreground, you can see Rudbeckia Goldsturm Black-Eyed Susans. Just beyond the walkway are red, white, pink green leaf Begonias that give the landscape continuity, as they repeat the color scheme that throughout the entire property. Read more »