Top Residential & Commercial Landscaping Company | Trappe, MD

Top Residential & Commercial Landscaping Company | Trappe, MDDon’t fret about finding the right landscaper. No matter what side of shore your on, Chapel Valley is the company to choose in Trappe, MD because it is simply the best landscaping company servicing the area.


Our skilled landscapers have worked on award-winning projects all throughout Maryland for both residential and commercial clients. This means that we put in the same amount of craftsmanship and hard work to develop landscapes no matter if the job is 1 acre or 100 acres. Just take a look at the work we can do for you:

  • landscape maintenance
  • paving
  • gardening & planting
  • patios
  • decks
  • landscape lighting
  • and much more

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Who We Are

Throughout the years, we have been providing Trappe, MD with distinctive, award-winning residential & commercial landscaping that represent our commitment to creativity and quality service. We’ve also been here to satisfy your need for residential & commercial landscape maintenance. Our experienced staff of landscaping professionals will be here when you need them to help design, install and maintain your dream landscape.

When you allow Chapel Valley to work with your landscape, you’ll receive the finest quality customer service in Trappe, MD. Our capable and experienced staff will work with you to coordinate and properly manage your residential or commercial landscaping project, which can include everything from landscape lighting, hardscape design, plant health care, water management and commercial irrigation, and green roofs. And after the project is complete we’ll follow up with you regularly through your warranty period.

Residential & Commercial Landscape Maintenance | Trappe, MD

At Chapel Valley, we take strides to give you a fantastic landscaping experience by keeping the lines of communications open even after your project has been completed. With us, you can protect your investment and the value of your Trappe, MD property with our professional, residential & commercial landscape maintenance. We always like to see landscapes performing at an optimum condition. So, after the completion of your landscaping project, Chapel Valley’s maintenance professionals have the ability to keep your residential or commercial landscape maintained to look as green and alive as the day it was installed.

We do this by allowing our team of certified, professional horticulturists and certified landscape technicians develop and refine your very own customized management program. Furthermore a supervisor will be assigned to your residential or commercial landscape maintenance project to oversee the project’s progress for years to come.

To learn more about residential & commercial landscaping and residential & commercial landscape maintenance in Trappe, MD, schedule a consultation today.

Landscape Lighting | Trappe, MD

Enhance your landscape today with the best choice in landscape lighting for Trappe, MD.

Whether you call it landscape lighting, outdoor illumination, or outdoor lighting, the same fact applies. This bright spectacle has become an increasingly popular enhancement to the landscape of Trappe, MD residents. Chapel Valley is the best choice in landscape lighting because we specialize the sophisticated designs you desire. There are a plethora of landscape lighting options, including security systems, lamp posts, motion detection, design lighting, and spotlights. We are no strangers to any of these features and offer them to you with enthusiasm.

One this you’ll find about landscape lighting is that it is a challenge to properly maintain them. But don’t worry. Chapel Valley Services this need by providing our Trappe, MD clients an annual landscape lighting maintenance program designed to decrease the burden of maintaining these complex landscape lighting systems yourself. Who wants to change all of those bulbs when we can do it for you annually?

To learn more about landscape lighting in Trappe, MD, schedule a consultation today.

Hardscape Design | Trappe, MD

One of the most integral parts of residential & commercial landscaping in Trappe, MD is hardscape design.

Lucky for you, Chapel Valley has evolved along with the rest of the landscaping industry to provide Trappe, MD with the most complete range of landscaping services this side of the Potomac. Our Trappe, MD clients have the comfort of knowing that we are able to manage every aspect of their residential or commercial landscape and can cover any feature surrounding their property. Examples of the hardscape designs we specialize in include:

  • Patios
  • Retaining walls
  • Walkways
  • Water features
  • Swimming pools
  • Custom carpentry
  • Driveway renovations
  • Outdoor kitchens.

Chapel Valley is the best in the business because we personalize your hardscape design and construction better than anyone in Trappe, MD. We allow you to tell us your vision so that we can build that vision from the initial concept through construction and planting to completion of the project.

To learn more about hardscape design in Trappe, MD, schedule a consultation today.

Plant Health Care | Trappe, MD

Chapel Valley is your local plant health care provider for all of your landscaping needs in Trappe, MD.

What is Plant Health Care?

Plant Health Care is the idea that residential & commercial landscapes should have plants and lawns that are both selected and installed to maximize:

  1. Utility
  2. Ornamental qualities

At Chapel Valley, we help you maintain your Trappe, MD landscape in a sustainable way that optimizes good health and appearance. We take into consideration your plants’ environment and examine it to make sure your plants are as happy as you will be after you start working with us. Here’s what we factor:

  • Soil drainage
  • Moisture
  • Sunshine
  • Shade exposure
  • Space available for growth
  • Soil nutrition
  • Pruning
  • Pest susceptibility
  • Soil biological activity
  • And much more

If you’re concerned about your residential or commercial landscape maintenance, Chapel Valley provides residents of Trappe, MD a Plant Health Care and Integrated Pest Management program that helps keeps the plants in your landscape looking as lively as the day it sprouted. We have specialized Plant Health Care technicians that come to your residential or commercial landscape to examine the area for potentially detrimental pests or diseases that may be infecting your plants.

By working with Chapel Valley and taking advantage of these plant health care programs, we can help you protect your landscape and, and enjoy your outside living space hassle free.

To learn more about plant health care in Trappe, MD, schedule a consultation today.

Water Management & Commercial Irrigation | Trappe, MD

Chapel Valley is your source for water management and commercial irrigation for any landscape in Trappe, MD.

We know that there’s nothing more important to plant health care than proper water management & commercial irrigation. When utilizing an irrigation system, you’re taking it upon yourself to treat your plants and landscapes like living, breathing organisms, rather than just static pieces of scenery. Chapel Valley is of the same mindset because when we offer you our water management service, we take big strides to insure the proper amount of water is being used on your landscape, allowing your plants to become acclimated to their new environment and thrive in their rich landscape.

Commercial Irrigation | Trappe, MD

Proper water management and commercial irrigation is essential to the continued growth and ebullience of your commercial landscape and requires more than just a sprinkler system. Water management and commercial irrigation encompasses a site evaluation to determine needs such as:

  • Water and drainage needs
  • Slope
  • Exposure
  • Special plant health care needs
  • Soil type

Here at Chapel Valley, we design, install, and service irrigation systems to address the needs of your landscape design and protect your Trappe, MD investment. We take it upon ourselves to personalize your water management experience because we understand that no two landscapes are alike. We develop your commercial irrigation system to address the uniqueness of your property.

Our in-house commercial irrigation services include:

  • Certified irrigation systems design and installation
  • Certified landscape water auditing
  • Spring start-up, winterization and preventative maintenance
  • Prompt system repair and enhancement
  • Certified central control systems installation
  • Program installation and programming
  • Pump station service
  • Sports turf design, installation, service

To learn more about water management and commercial irrigation in Trappe, MD, schedule a consultation today.

Green Roofs | Trappe, MD

Chapel Valley provides environmentally and economically conscious Trappe, MD clients with green roofs.

Here are just some of the ways green roofs benefit our Trappe, MD clients:

  • Green roofs create a storm water management system that lowers runoff
  • Green roofs improve water quality
  • Green roofs reduce urban heat island effect
  • Green roofs lower heating and cooling costs
  • Green roofs extend the life of your roof

The demand for LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified buildings have been increasing, which means the demand for green roofs have also been increasing. Chapel Valley has met this exponentially climbing demand for green roofs in Trappe, MD to help clients like you obtain their LEED certification.

Here at Chapel Valley, we offer our Trappe, MD clients the following services:

  • Green roof installation
  • Project coordination
  • Plant selection
  • Soil installation, conditioning, and stabilization
  • In-house irrigation
  • Scheduled follow-up throughout the warranty period
  • Customized maintenance plans and services

To learn more about green roofs in Trappe, MD, schedule a consultation today.